Everybody today dreams of a sophisticated lifestyle. Cars and bungalows, malls and pubs, parties, and events: most of our lives are changing and adapting to the new culture which is urbanity. But very few of us realize the goods and evils if sophisticated lifestyles and extreme urbanity.

A decade ago during my school summer holidays, I would visit my native place every year and spend 2 months of my holidays there. It was my paternal grandmother’s home and we had a large family there. My uncles, aunts cousins everybody lived under one roof. We always had our breakfast lunch and dinner together. My grandma was like a pillar to our family. We had a big lawn outside the house. Every evening all of us would sit on the lawn with tea and evening snacks. My grandma was a protagonist for the evening 😀 she would tell us all the old tales of our parents, some secrets that we dint know and so many other things. 2 months would just pass like a speeding train. I still wonder how we had so much time. Each person would have time to talk to every other person in the house (let me tell you we were a joint family of 20 members). Today we are all so busy in our lives that all these memories seem like did they actually happen? the reason is that sophisticated lifestyles and extreme urbanity is taking a toll on relationships.

We are so busy with our own lives that we have almost forgotten our grandparents. We have no time to talk to them. People are forgetting their parents and siblings. Parents have to wait to talk to their children, and we are forever busy with our schedules, meetings, parties, and what not? What is the reason for all this?

Today technology has taken over almost everything. Back then, lifestyle was not as sophisticated as it is now and there were no fancy smartphones and that was the period when people had a lot of time to talk.

Chai and pakoras were seemingly more delicious when consumed along with long talks with your loved ones.

But today everyone is glued to their smartphones. Should I blame technology? Well, I don’t think so. There are so many other things that a smartphone can do but when graham bell first invented it little did he know that this device will one day serve very little purpose of its basic feature- yes, to make calls. How often do we call our parents? Of course, everyone has a different number to this but most of us will be guilty at the number. We are all so much carried away by social media that we have forgotten to socialize with our loved ones.

Sophisticated lifestyle and urbanity is not a problem in itself. But the extreme of it is what is making people forget their loved ones.

I see people sitting in restaurants with their families and are ever glued to their phones. C’mon people you put up selfies with your food on Instagram, why can’t you enjoy it in real. I can see broken marriages because people have no time for each other. Where are people spending all their time? Everyone has 24 hours in a day. But still, some people make the best use of it and some people always complain of having no time. Managing time and priorities go hand in hand. So if social media is on your priority list then it will always be your priority, but when you want to change it then you will definitely be able to manage time for your loved ones. One of the best ways to connect with your loved ones is to first identify the problem areas that are keeping you disconnected from your loved ones.

5 reasons why a sophisticated lifestyle and extreme urbanity is taking a toll on relationships

  • Poor management of personal and professional life– Work is a part of life. Everybody has to work to make ends meet but giving work all that priority is a big no-no. It is better to work to live rather than live to work. Manage your time on both professional and personal fronts. Without proper management even sophisticated lifestyle may seem like a mess later on.


  • All friends no family time– friends are very important in life but so is family. Spending all your time with friends but ignoring your mom’s call is certainly not advisable. When you make tea, both tea leaves and sugar should go in the right quantities for tea to be delicious. Always make time for your family wherever you are. Make it a point to speak to them at least once a day if you are far from them. This will help you stay connected even if you are not around.


  • Draw priority lines- It is always better to make some calculative decisions about your priorities. Sometimes your sick parent may need more time than your spouse or sometime your spouse may need more time than your parents. Learn to manage time even among the hustle-bustle of sophisticated city life.


  • Say no to progress if your personal life is regressing– Well, there is no point setting up numerous business units when your personal life itself is at stake. Of course, everybody dreams of a sophisticated lifestyle and living in urbanity but we should never forget to live our life first. Go ahead only if u can manage. Do not bear extreme stress.


  • MONEY!!!MONEY!!!MONEY –Probably we are aware of this saying “Money hai to Honey hai” but it is always vice versa. I would rather say “Honey hai to Money hai” because if you are not enjoying honey (sweet moments of your everyday life) money can never get you happiness. I repeat never!! It can only buy you expensive stuff and make you enjoy life momentarily but at the end of the day when you come home, you cannot spend your time with money.sophisticated bathroom

Sophisticated lifestyles and urbanity are ever craving entities but managing it with our daily routines and keeping connected with our loved ones is what makes us a truly successful person.