I am writing this post one day after Sushant Singh Rajput, one of the finest actors of Bollywood committed suicide. Sources have stated that he was under depression since a few months. I have always admired him for his hard work in the industry and the way he touched success without any intervention of so-called godfathers. But destiny had a different plan for him and he left the world so early. May his soul rest in peace.

Today, what makes me write this post is the easiness with which people are taking their lives.

I wonder what makes them so helpless that they decide to end their lives

Probably they might have decided to put the HOPE word out of their mental dictionaries. Of course, things are easier said than done. I don’t want to give you fake hopes and free advice that don’t work. But what if I say I was on the verge of depression once upon a time and certain things worked out for me. Well, everyone has a lot of suggestions plans and cure for depression. That is when you are already into it. But nobody talks about how not to step into the world of depression.

Some years back I had made bad career choices, my love life was sulking and I had a lot of issues at home. I was almost on the verge of going into depression.

I started facing panic attacks, self-harm, and everything that was making me emotionally very weak. I was standing at the doorstep where one step ahead would lead me to the world of depression colorless and washed out, and a step back would lead me to a new life colorful and vibrant. Had I not made the right decision then, I would have been haunted by suicidal thoughts. However, it is not easy to take that step ahead or back. It takes a lot of courage and dauntlessness to make the right choice.

If you are facing a similar situation like this and are standing at the doorstep, confused devastated, or angry at your life then always remember your life is precious. Yes, because amongst so many other people god wanted to create, he chose you to be born. You are precious. And you are never alone. Every smiling face that you see always has a sadder version behind it. So instead of blaming yourself that things are getting worse only for you, try to think in a broad way that every person has some challenges to face but he is coping with it and why not you?

No matter what the problem is always find someone to talk to. It does seem difficult to share your pain with someone but believe me talking to someone will reduce your discomfort.TT5566Overthinking acts as a spice to a curry called depression. And when you are alone, its human tendency to overthink. Overthinking creates problems that were not even there in the first place. So always find a person with whom you can talk. When you start feeling that you are lonely and you have no one to talk to remember that you are not alone. If no one, talk to your parents they can never turn away their face towards you. And the only thing that can take you towards the colorful and vibrant world is to stay connected with people. And for god’s sake stop listening to those emotional songs. This might seem silly but I have felt the pain with songs. It can make you really sad. Yes, music has that power. So avoid listening to songs that can trigger your emotional quotient. If all this doesn’t seem to work, pack your bags, go on a short trip to a place where you have not been to. This will help you deviate from memories and familiar things that can stress you out. SHOPPING!!! If this word itself caused a spark then just spend some bucks, after all, mental peace is more worthy than some extra bucks.

These are some of the things that helped me recover and pull myself out of the depression room. However, if you are already into it and getting suicidal thoughts or feeling worthless in life, please contact helplines and shamelessly just ask for help. Because every life is important, and always remember YOU MATTER.


Please leave your views in the comment section and if you are facing issues with mental health and feel you have no one to talk to, I am always at your rescue. Feel free to talk to me and share your concerns. you can also mail me on [email protected]