Every time I looked into my electronics book weighing around 7-8 kilograms, one thought always hovered over my mind. Is this something I want to do??? Even though I always wanted to be a doctor, my entrance results were not good enough to get me into a medical school.  But somehow, my studies didn’t match my passion. It took years until I realized, I want to write!! Writing gives me a free mind. I enjoy it.

Surprisingly(well, not surprised actually)  I am not alone. There are a hell lot a people out there just pushing their lives every day. On average around 84 % of people don’t pursue their passion. Their reasons are innumerable. Parental pressure, peer pressure, competition in society, finance, and the list goes on.

If you are going on a wrong route then somewhere you need to take a U-turn!! A U-turn towards your passion. Here are 7 methods which help you to realize how to discover and follow your passion in life

  1. Explore to follow your passion – Make a short survey of things you love doing. Those are the things that when done keeps a smile on your face. For me, it is interacting with new people and learning about their perspective towards life. I enjoy being with new people. Similarly, you will also have some things in life that you enjoy doing. Identify them and see if you can do those things easily when compared to what you are doing right now. And voila!! You have probably found your passion. passion att 1


  1. Discover your purpose of existence on earth– I have a tagline to my life ‘God has given you one life-make the best out of it’. Create a tagline for yourself and see to it that by all means and at every step you take, you are making justice to your tagline. If it means just spending your savings on a foreign trip that you are planning for years, just go for it (please save some money to come back, don’t spend everything LOL !!!!)


  1. Sometimes life me Dil ki suno (Follow your heart) – You don’t always have to be practical in life. Sometimes listen to your heart. Do what makes you feel good. For a while stop thinking about society, money or anything that is holding you back and trust me you will do what your heart says and that will be worth it.


  1. Play a small game for yourself- this is like a test for yourself. Write on a sheet of paper “when I don’t do anything else, I love doing___________” write answers for this. As many as possible. And finally, you should have around 10 answers. Analyze them and finalize your passion.


  1. Give yourself some time– Sit alone in a calm place. Just think only about yourself, not about your family, not about your friends, colleagues, siblings, spouse, or anybody. Just think only about yourself. (forget your school preachings for some time- be selfish) After all, you are living on this planet for yourself. You come alone and you die alone. Make this life yours.


Match your profession with passion and never try to adjust your passion into your profession. if you still haven’t discovered your passion, its better late than never so go ahead and follow your passion.