“LOVE MARRIAGE” these two words are sufficient enough to create a panic among Indian parents. Yes, I have purposely mentioned Indian parents because India is full of rich traditions and cultures. When this is a good thing to boast about, there are some drawbacks to this too. Indian traditions mostly affect young teenagers who are in relationships and approaching parents for marriage.

Marriages in India altogether have a different perspective, opinions from different persons, different castes, different purposes. Marriage in general is between two persons who can spend the rest of their lives happily. That’s it !! Chapter closed. But wait no, I don’t think things stop there. There are many stepping stones like the ones from Takeshis castle 😉 which you need to step on before you finally live happily ever after

I was in a long term relationship for 10 years and now happily married for 1 and a half years. Okay, that sounded simple but no, it was not as simple as it sounds. There are many ups and downs, roses and thorns and, a lot of patience. I will share some of my experiences regarding Do’s and don’t’s of convincing your parents for marriage.

  1. Don’t raise that tone– As soon as people start approaching their parents regarding love marriage I have seen people raising their voice against their parents, talking all possible nonsense to them. Always remember one thing u may be in a relationship with your partner for maybe one five 10 or maximum 13 years but your parents have seen you growing up, they have bought you up into an independent human being. So it is better not to create all that drama and talk to them politely. This will also help you to explain yourself better.


  1. Don’t completely ignore what they ask you to do –  Your parents are confused and angry (for obvious reasons), they may ask you to stay disconnected from your phone or probably not go out or they might ask you to come home early. Don’t get furious over it. Try to follow some of their instructions. I understand staying disconnected from your phone would not be easy in such a situation, but try to distance yourself at least when your parents are around. This will help your parents retain confidence in you. They will think their son/daughter has not gone away from them.
  2. Patience, patience, patience!!!!!! – “ Patience is bitter, but its fruit is sweet- Aristotle”. You guys have waited for years before finally deciding to get hitched, so why not some more days. Nothing in life is instant and fast (c’mon guys even Maggi takes not just 2 minutes but around 10 minutes to be cooked ) so just wait. Allow your parents to know what is right for you and give them time. When you and your partner have decided that you are going to get married then that is eventually going to happen. So sit back and relax have patience and keep hopes high, it is going to be fruitful.
  1. Did you just say you guys wanna run away ????- Hell NOOOOO!!! Never give this a thought. At least until your wedding cards are printed with a different partner’s name… hehehehehe. You haven’t murdered someone or robbed a bank or done anything wrong for that matter. So why do you want to run away???. I believe your parents are not like those movie villains. They love you. Just stay calm and respect your parents.


  1. Keep your hopes high and your intentions strong – I may give you many suggestions but I am not sure of your situation there. So whatever is the situation, whatever problems you are facing one thing that I can commonly say is just keep your hopes high and your intentions strong. Because that is what will lead you to your destination.


I hope my post might have given you at least a slight hope. Do let me know your views on this in the comment section.