Did you ever feel butterflies in your stomach?? Some random guy playing violin in your background or ever felt like this world is blooming with bright colors everywhere?? know why your childhood love can be a fantastic life partner forever

12 years ago I had the same feeling. Yes!!! A random guy was playing violin, I did feel butterflies in my stomach and yes the world seemed much more beautiful. Love in itself is beautiful, no matter what time it may come to you but I believe childhood love is different. Like you don’t know these worldly gimmicks you are not mature enough to cheat..its LOVE!!!! purely just LOVE.

If you are lucky enough to have found one just cherish it forever . Here are 5 reasons why your childhood love can be a fantastic life partner forever


  1. He will always be your friend first and partner later: Relationship is always about sharing and caring. You should be comfortable enough to share each and everything and there can be no one better than someone who you have been with throught you childhood. He can be your best friend so you don’t feel the after effects of marriage as much as others do. You will never feel alone
  2. He was the first person you were attracted to: So from the time you even knew what love really is, you were attracted to your childhood partner. No matter how old he gets or how much big tummy he gets (which he surely will after all that marriage excitement 😉 )or even his weird habits will never matter to you. When you grow up you would probably look for someone who is like him so why not let him in.
  3. He probably knows that you love that roadside pani puri more than KFC chicken: You guys have been together for a long time. And food is something that really connects people (I can forever be a friend to someone who said he loves momos as much as I do, LOL!!! ). He knows your likes and dislikes. Even if your tastes don’t match, that is perfectly fine, atleast both of you know what each one of you likes and ya those restaurant menu decisions will take less time.food
  4. You don’t have to bother about those pesky pimples or large braces: well, true love has nothing to do with beauty but even if it were a constraint you don’t have to bother about it. I had very bad acne, acne marks and scars on my face. Frankly I never gave it a thought. Me and my partner have been together for 10 years and today we are happily married for two years and we never had any room for such thoughts.


  1. He knows your family: When I miss my mum and suddenly I look dull and gloomy, my husband immediately drops me off to my mum’s place. Your childhood sweetheart understands your family dynamics, your bonding with your parents and siblings. So on your wedding day you can happily see off your parents, tell them you shall meet them soon and of course save that costly make up from coming off

These reasons must be sufficient enough for you to realize why your childhood love can be a fantastic life partner forever

So if you have someone who loves you and who you love since childhood just lock him forever. Probably you will never find someone like him again.