Emotional abuse is something that may cause psychological trauma, anxiety, or mental stress in a person. Emotional abuse can be in any form of a relationship. It can be your spouse, parents some relative, or even at the workplace. Whatever relationship you might be in, quietly bearing emotional abuse is wrong. Instead, learning how to cope with it gives a new definition to your life.

The first step in dealing with emotional abuse is to look for signs. Sometimes you get so engrossed in a relationship that you will not know where exactly you need to draw a caution line. Usually, you can sense something wrong from the pit of your stomach. Yes, So when you get some instincts that things are not going the right way, just stop right away and look for what you have to do next.

The next step is to cope with emotional abuse. You can give your relationship a try before disposing of it. Because I understand how difficult it is to just let it go.

Dealing with emotional abuse

  • Understand the abuser- Try and understand what is the reason the person is abusing you. It could be simple, it could be something that can be corrected. So know what the reason is of course it is not easy to show compassion to someone who is abusing you but try to understand their insecurities.
  • Take a stand- Remember, you entered this world all alone. You were brave enough to face this world all alone. Stand up to your abuser. Often, the people who are weak emotionally are more abused than the ones who are weak physically. Just gather all that courage and stand up to that person. Just tell them on the face this is not right!!!!
  • Forget negativity for some time- your abuser might have given all the reasons to pounce on him and kill him at one shot but hold back because every relationship is special in some way or the other. Positivity can change this world. Try talking nice to the person, use some humor if you can, gift something nice. Most of the time, the abuser is also in some kind of mental trauma so who knows, even a small piece of cake may change him forever.


Even after trying really hard to keep up your relationship intact with the person, you may be falling apart. Things may become worse. That is when you need to take a step longer

How to deal with extreme emotional abuse

  • Stay strong and confident- talk to the person straight into his eyes. Confidently tell the person that this needs to stop. Believe me, your confidence will be his defeat for sure


  • Demand respect but calmly- nobody has the right to harm your respect. So, if your self-respect is at stake, just demand it. Try to keep calm while talking about it to your abuser. You don’t want things to get even worse.


  • Contact helplines – Remember, you are not alone. There are a lot of helplines to offer relief to you so never hesitate to ask for help


  • Just end it and leave- trust me, there is no use if you have forgotten how to smile if you don’t know what is the purpose of your life or if you feel like leaving this world. Just end things (if possible on a good note because you will feel mentally less burdened) and LEAVE!!!


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