Hii there

My name is Shayesta Farheen. I hail from Bangalore. I have done my masters in Digital Electronics. I am a Freelance Content writer, Travel freak, extreme epicure. I am fond of bollywood music and I love helping people who are in need. Okay this sounds too formal … I would rather not bore you with my first post.

Sometimes, career is not what you choose and what u have chosen doesn’t become Your career. Probably, after my M.Tech in Digital electronics I would have landed up teaching a bunch of students about parabolas or digital circuits. I wasn’t excited enough to do it. And believe me anything that does not bring a spark into your lives, never do it!!! I repeat never.


Life has given me a lot of experiences. Some were good and some were mind blowing. I choose not to tag any experience as a bad one because until you don’t call it as a bad one, it is always good. I have always learnt a lot of things through my experiences and more than just learning I have enjoyed every experience.


My motto in life??? God has given you one life, just live it to the fullest. U complain today, you have lost one day of your life. You can either choose to ignore your problems and be happy everyday or just cringe with your problems.


Since you are still here I can by now assume that you are seeing a different perspective of life. A depressed mind needs a cure, a confused mind needs a solution and a lost soul needs direction. Today if I am able to make a person smile in any possible way, I have achieved my purpose of this blog..