Right from “ye kaali kaali ankhhen, ye gore gore gaal” to “ tenu kala chashma jachda jachda ae gore mukhde te, we have come a long way but only years have passed but not the Indian obsession with fair skin. Every saas wants a gori bahu for their son (no matter he looks like a zebra striping when he gives a blatant smile after looking at his so-called gori wife..LOL!!!)  now this obsession has gotten to the level where women are advised to drink kesar wala doodh while they are pregnant. Little do they that it’s not kesar that gets inside and alters baby’s skin tone but genes and melanin also play some role.

Now the question is where and how does this thought come across someone’s mind? When a child a born, immediately the people around start comparing the baby’s skin tone with its siblings. This is the first step. When the child grows, it faces racism even in schools and it becomes even more prominent during the teen years. By now the relatives and friends would have already suggested hundreds of home remedies which make your skin tone fair, the creams and lotions that are shown in T.V commercials make way to you dressing tables, foundations, concealers start looking like your best friends.

I have dark skin. And my sister is fair. Right from childhood, I had no clue why fair skin is important and a darker shade of skin is not a good color. I just enjoyed my skin color. My parents gave us a good education, a good life, and grew us up as successful engineers in respective fields. Isn’t that fair enough? Yes, it is as simple as this. But not in some cases though.

I recently saw an advertisement where the girl is sad about being dark skinned and she cannot achieve anything but suddenly an extremely fair lady whose skin color almost looked like a high beamed headlight of some car, comes to her and gives her some cream and suddenly she becomes fair and conquers the world. Claps!! claps!!!claps!!! what kind of bull shit is that. Do these Ads mean dark skin people have no role on this planet? Really?? If at all this discrimination hampered people from getting success in life I can list out a variety of names of successful so-called “dark-skinned” people. And it’s not only the advertisements we also have movies and daily serials which openly showcase racism. A naturally dusky artist is bombarded with foundations and powders.racial I question the necessity. These movies and T.V commercials have played a pivotal role in creating such a hype about fair skin

After going through racial discrimination in the teen years, finally, when the girl is ready to get married she should also be ready to face all kinds of rejections because of her skin color. So people want a beautiful doll who they will be showcasing it on the wedding day and after that, the poor girl would be seen only in some corner of the kitchen making chapatis and pooris. The woman’s husband is now least bothered about her beauty and fair skin. This is the sad plight of most of the Indian households.

The only way to curb the color hungriness of people is to stop reacting to comments from them. Do not give in. Don’t torture your skin by applying every other thing that is available. Self-confidence and self-respect is the only way to tackle this problem. And of course racial media abuse should also be banned. Say NO to fair skin product advertisements and movies should be scrutinized for racial content. Visual content has a stronger impact on people’s brains.racism

What amazes me, even more, is fairness creams are now available also for men..LOL!!!! Did u notice the impact? For ages, the guys were not bothered about their skin color and now because of these commercials, I can see even men cringing about their dark skin.

Join hands to eradicate this disease called “ The gori bahu” and help us leave behind the obsession with fair skin Leave your opinions in the comment section